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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Winter Forward

I awoke today and was surprised to see just how late I had slept.  Then I remembered that we had moved into daylight saving time.  I changed all the clocks, but it still seems ridiculous to be doing this in early March, while there is still plenty of winter snow on the ground outside.  The mnemonic for daylight saving used to be "spring forward, fall back", but not anymore.  Should it be "winter forward"?  That makes no sense.  How about "slip forward" which could refer to all the ice on the walkways and road?  "Slip forward, fall back" has a sort of slapstick feel to it.  At least that would be in keeping with the process of changing the clocks for no apparent reason.  At one point, it was felt that daylight saving time worked to save energy, but that is no longer the case (or so we are told).  There was also the belief that the time shift allowed the workday to last longer, but again, that is no longer the case.  Right now, daylight saving time really is just a remnant of old thinking.  Do we really need it?  I don't think so.  Arizona (which does not shift the clocks) seems to have the correct idea.

So here's something to remember:  from now on, it's SLIP FORWARD, FALL BACK!!!


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