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Friday, March 13, 2015

The Ferguson Shooting

Two police were shot during demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri.  It seems inevitable, and the surprise is that it took so long to happen.  Ever since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson in 2014, the resulting mess has been mishandled by government officials all the way up to president Obama.  The story was told that Brown was unarmed and shot while he was surrendering to the police with his hands up.  That story, however, was not true.  The authorities did not come forward with the truth, though, until the phony story became "common knowledge".  By the time the truth was revealed, it was too late.  The mobs in Ferguson were in full fury fighting against the racist police.  That confrontation was controlled without further shootings, although there was massive looting and property destruction.  You know the idea:  "The police are racist and shot Michael Brown; let's go looting and destroy the local business community."  Eventually, that died down.

Then we had the grand jury results.  That too led to rioting and property damage.  Where were the leaders who came forward and said that the system had worked?  Where were the leaders who said that further looting would not be tolerated?  NO, what we got was a president who denounced the racism of the police and directed that there be a major federal investigation.

Well now we have the results of the federal investigation.  That investigation concluded that there was no basis to indict the police officer involved in the shooting, that the officer's story was corroborated by all the credible evidence, and that the initial story was wrong.  In the interest of stoking the story of police racism, however, the DOJ reported that there was institutional racism in the Ferguson police.  More blacks were arrested than their share of the population.  Aha!  That's the proof.  Except it is not.  The question is not the share of the population; it is the share of those committing crimes.  And the DOJ also pointed to some emails and other notes that they found that had racist comments in them.  The entire department is tarred because some individual wrote a racist comment.  My guess is that the White House would be racist by that standard.

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