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Monday, March 2, 2015

Where Did Putin Get This One

Two days ago, Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was murdered in Moscow just outside the Kremlin.  The murder was a professional hit with all the surveillance cameras being blocked by a large truck and with Nemtsov's companion being unharmed by the assailants.  The murder also came the day before a rally at which Nemtsov had promised to disclose Russia's direct involvement in the fighting in Ukraine, facts that would be directly contrary to the claims made by president Putin of Russia.

In a rather dishonest move, the Putin government is blaming the murder on anti-government forces (with some talk that alternatively, it might have been the CIA).  Clearly, this was a hit ordered by Putin or those around him.  Even more dishonest, though, is the promise today by Putin that there would be a complete investigation of the murder to find and punish those responsible. 

I have to say that Putin's tactics of announcing an investigation reminded me of similar tactics used by president Obama.  When the IRS targeting of conservatives and Christian groups was disclosed, Obama promised an investigation.  None has ever taken place.  Instead, months later, Obama just said that the admitted wrongdoing by the IRS was a phony scandal.  Remember Fast and Furious in which the Justice Department sent 2000 assault weapons to the Mexican drug cartels?  There was going to be a detailed investigation into that mess.  If you forget the results of that investigation, that is because there never has been any results.  How about all the cash that former secretary of HHS Sibelius solicited from companies that made millions out of Obamacare?  Remember the investigation into that one?  Of course not!  No investigation ever took place.  How about the administration investigation of what happened at Benghazi?  Congress has investigated, but the Obama administration never did.  There are many more promised investigations that never materialized.  All we ever see is stalling until the story dies down.

It's hard to criticize Putin's tactics when our own president does the same thing all the time.

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