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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Netanyahu's Speech to Congress

 The speech by Israeli prime minister Netanyahu to a joint session of Congress just ended.  It was a masterful summary by Mr. Netanyahu of 1) the reality of Iran as a terrorist/supporter of terrorism; 2) the deficiencies in the currently proposed deal being offer to the Iranians; and 3) the way forward to achieving a better outcome.  No one who listened to the facts summarized by Netanyahu could doubt that Iran is a bad actor on the world stage.  Just remembering all the thousands of Americans who have been killed by Iran or its proxies over the last decades makes that clear.  The prime minister also added an important point, however; Iran's fighting against ISIS does not make it a friend of the USA. 

It is also crystal clear that the proposed deal that virtually assures an Iranian nuclear weapon by ten years from now at the latest is a non-starter.  That deal will unleash a nuclear arms race across the region which is the center of global instability and war.  Once the nuclear arms are there, it is inconceivable that a nuclear war will not follow.

Netanyahu explained clearly that by ratcheting sanctions up on Iran, a better deal could be achieved.  He rightly pointed out that Iran needs the deal more than the USA and its allies.  After all, it was the stringent sanctions that brought Iran to the table in the first place.  Iran cannot face a future filled with additional sanctions, especially now that the price of oil has fallen so low.

The speech is well worth watching if you have not yet seen it.  I recommend it.

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fastcarken said...

Can't wait to hear the B.S. about this speech from THE LEFTIST group.
Without a doubt, The U.S. Citizens were told the clearest and most defined summary of the ACTUAL Situation about the middle east. Will the Democrats even listen? Can't say they were not warned!!!