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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Here's The Question

It has not been a good week or two for Hillary Clinton.  First we learned that the Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has been taking tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments and their lobbyists.  Somehow, it does not seem likely that the only motivation for these gifts has been charity.  More likely, these governments are making investments in future access to Hillary should she become president.  Then we learned that many large corporations with business before the government have contributed tens of millions of dollars to the same Clinton Foundation.  Most of these big companies have their own foundations through which they do charitable works.  For many of these corporations, the good publicity generated by doing charitable deeds through their corporations is a major benefit of those good works.  Why would a large corporation like Walmart give millions of dollars through the Clinton Foundation with no publicity when they could give the same amount through the Walmart Foundation with lots of good publicity?  The answer, once again, is to buy the future favor of Mrs. Clinton.  Then we learned that while Hilary was secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation kept taking money from foreign governments and big corporations who had business before the State Department.  Some of these gifts violated the ethics rules put in place by the Obama Administration specifically for the foundation.  Finally, we learned yesterday that Hillary kept all her email communication while secretary of state in her own personal and private account despite government regulations that prohibit the use of such accounts for official business.  This is not a mysterious regulation; everyone in government is told about it. 

So why did Mrs. Clinton violate the law?  Was it just a careless oversight?  With Hillary, that is never the case.  Could it be that Mrs. Clinton was doing "fundraising" for the Clinton Foundation on her personal email so that no one would be able to see it?  Did Hillary ask the king of Saudi Arabia for a bunch of cash just at the time that some negotiation was going on with the kingdom?  Remember, many of the expenditures by the Clinton Foundation go to support the Clinton lifestyle.  They spent $8,000,000 on travel in one year and that may have been mostly for travel by the Clintons themselves. 

If Hillary announces her candidacy, she had better have an explanation for all this.


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