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Thursday, February 23, 2017

An Embarrassment in Connecticut

The governor of Connecticut, Democrat Dan Malloy, is out with a directive to all the towns, cities and school boards across the state.  Malloy's message is that none of these governmental units have to comply with the directives of Homeland Security with regard to illegal aliens.  Malloy's reason as he expressed it to the media:  the localities should do their job and the feds should do theirs, and dealing with illegal aliens (he called them immigrants) is a federal job.

Think about that.  The requests from Homeland Security to local police forces is that they do two things:  1. notify DHS when someone who is in the country illegally is arrested for a criminal act and 2. turn over illegal aliens already in custody for criminal actions to DHS if a request to do so is made by DHS.  The feds are not asking the local police to go an search out illegal aliens.  The feds are only asking the local police to help in the process of dealing with criminal illegal aliens.  That means that if police or a prison have in custody an illegal alien who has been convicted of armed robbery, the feds want to get that guy out of the country while Malloy tells the locals that it's ok to put the felon back into their towns.

This is an embarrassment to the state of Connecticut.  How did we get to the point where our governor makes a public statement siding with criminals over the safety of the residents of the state and he does so for political purposes.  I refuse to believe that even someone as dense as Dan Malloy thinks that the state does not have enough convicted felons among its people.  Indeed, no sane person could come to that conclusion.  Malloy is just trying to appeal to a segment of his party that likes his position.

In 2016, in an amazing upset Republicans in Connecticut actually took control of half of the seats in the state senate.  If Malloy keeps this up, we may find in 2018 that there will be a Republican governor in Hartford too.

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