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Friday, February 17, 2017

Scott Pruitt Confirmed for EPA

Despite the Democrats' endless slowdown, Scott Pruitt was just confirmed as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.  Pruitt had the support of 53 senators.  This is just the latest loss by Schumer and the Democrats in confirmation votes.

Pruitt first deserves our congratulations.  He has a lot to accomplish.  Of all the federal agencies that have been out of control, the EPA is right up there vying for first place on the list.  Just think what the EPA has done in the last eight years:

1.  The EPA managed to pollute an entire river out west with deadly chemicals by sheer incompetence in carrying out some work.  Had this been done by a private company, there is no doubt that people would have gone to prison or, at least, paid major fines.  The EPA, however, did not even punish any of its employees for causing this major disaster.

2.  The EPA put out a regulation that put in place rules for all of the "waters of the United States."  To be clear, if there was a thunderstorm which left a puddle in a farm pasture, the EPA rules applied to it.  In other words, the EPA tried to grab control of land use all across the country in the guise of ending water pollution.  Areas that have always been under state and local control were taken by the EPA and subjected to a one-size-fits-all national set of rules.  Just this regulation imposed millions upon millions of costs on all sorts of Americans with no discernible benefit.

3.  The EPA promoted global warming fears but never sought to get a valid scientific basis for that supposed phenomenon.  The problem right now is that the atmospheric readings of temperatures show that for the last 18 years, there has been a pause in temperature increases.  Given that these same years have been the worst years ever for carbon emissions, there should have been major increases in temperature if global warming theory is correct.  Indeed, the pause in the rise in temperatures has conclusively proved that all the models on which global warming theory is based are wrong.  EPA has not sought to get further scientific evidence to determine the validity of the basic theory.  Instead, it has tried to cover up the true facts and to proceed by just attacking those who want to look further into the basic science.

4.  The EPA has issued regulation after regulation that ignored the economic impact of its rules on millions of Americans.  Nearly all Americans subscribe to the view that the environment should be protected, but most people think that we cannot go overboard.  In other words, it is not acceptable to destroy the livelihood of thousands or hundreds of thousands of American families for either no improvement in the environment or one which has, at most, a marginal impact on our world.  EPA never takes that impact into consideration -- and it ought to do so.

There's more, but this should make clear just what a difficult job Pruitt will have.  He is moving in to head an agency that is at once hostile to any attempt to rein it in so that it serves the interests of the American people rather than the liberal environmental crazies who seem to oppose everything these days.

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