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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Tradition Continues

Back in the 1980s, President Reagan started delivering a weekly address on the radio.  These were short speeches of no more than a few minutes in length.  Reagan was a natural on the radio, and his speeches became a very effective communications tool.  Presidents after Reagan kept up the practice.  At the end of each week, there would be a three or four minute statement from the president that went out over the radio and then over the internet.  I just watched the latest of these speeches given by President Trump.  He talked about what the White House actually did this week.  There was no discussion of the media or the Democrats.  There was no politics in the message (aside from the fact that everything the President does is somewhat political.)  It was just a short explanation of the job killing regulations that were swept aside during the last week, the work to promote women entrepreneurs undertaken in conjunction with Canada and the meeting with Israel's prime minister Netanyahu.  These statements are rarely big news, and today's is no exception.  Still, it is well worth watching them on the internet; there is lots to learn there.

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