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Thursday, February 23, 2017

More Games From the Pollsters

There's a whole spate of polls out today on President Trump's job approval ratings.  Like most of these polls, they make no sense.  The best place to look at this phenomenon is at Real Clear Politics.  They have an average of the ten most recent polls on the subject and identify each of the individual ones.  Of the ten polls in question, four show the President with a positive view from the public while six show a negative.  One poll, Quinnipiac, shows Trump 17% underwater.  It is a bizarre outlier.  In fact, of the ten polls, the results of nine lie outside the margin of error of the average.  That tells you that something is very wrong with some of these polls.  There is no other way to say it; the polls are garbage.

So how is the media portraying these polls?  If you guessed that most media outlets focus on the Quinnipiac results, you are correct.  The one poll that is demonstrably wrong is the one the media chooses to use.  For the last two months, the Quinnipiac results have been extremely skewed against Trump.  It's sad.

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