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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trump Enforces The Law; Liberals' Heads Explode

There was a directive issued by the Department of Homeland Security today.  It dealt with how the immigration laws would be enforced.  It set priorities for enforcement which are exactly what President Trump had called for during his campaign.  Illegal aliens who are convicted of criminal acts or who are arrested for such acts are going to be at the top of the list for deportation.  Those who join gangs or who are otherwise a threat to public safety will also be targeted. 

This is not a change in the law.  It is merely a directive explaining to ICE and other agencies where to focus their enforcement efforts.  It requires the agencies to do what the Obama administration said it was doing but, in reality, never did.  The idea that the federal government will now enforce the existing law is causing liberal heads to explode all across the country.

Think about it.  The law says clearly that certain people here illegally are to be deported.  The Trump administration directs that the government agents focus their efforts on those who present a threat to public safety, namely those accused of criminal behavior.  Oh, the horror of it all!  I've seen people upset because an illegal who merely got caught shoplifting could now be deported.  That's a rather bizarre attitude.  Since when has theft become acceptable?  Why should someone here illegally get a pass because he or she only stole some stuff in a store?  And then there's those people who are complaining that an illegal who gets stopped for speeding and is found to be driving without a license might get deported.  That sounds right to me.  Should there be people here illegally who are illegally driving cars on the roads and who have no insurance also as required by law who get a pass?  Nope, the laws are there for a reason.  If laws aren't going to be enforced, then those laws need to be repealed not ignored. 

For years, many people have pointed out that what has been needed is enforcement of existing law.  The nonsense that is "comprehensive immigration reform" of no importance.  There already are comprehensive immigration laws.  What has been missing has been comprehensive immigration law enforcement.  Hopefully, that is starting with today's action.

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