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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Hatred is Real

After today's presidential press conference, the reactions were predictable.  Many in the mainstream media called the President's performance "unhinged" or "embarrassing" or some other negative name.  Trump supporters around the country went the other way; if Twitter is any guide, they thought President Trump was outstanding today.  I'm on the side that thought this was a tour de force by Trump.  Nevertheless, I understand that some people might not agree.  That's fine.  The real issue for me is the question why so many in the media seem to hate Trump and spew that hatred non-stop on TV.

Sure, most of the reporters are Democrats.  We all get that.  Still, that is no excuse for dumping all that hatred and mean spirited commentary on the American people.  The media should try to get the facts out before moving on to the vitriol.  There was a great deal of news today from Trump.  He announced the name of the new nominee for Labor Secretary.  He explained why General Flynn was fired.  Trump spoke forcefully about the need to stop leaks of classified information.  The President explained that he would be issuing a new Executive Order on Immigration early next week.  He explained the timetable for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare and also for the changes to the tax code that will be coming soon.  There was more, but just this far, there is already a huge amount of news that needs to be reported.  When I watched some of the coverage of the press conference this evening on MSNBC and CNN, nearly every word in those reports was about Trump's style or his attacks on the media.  It was as if these two networks were boycotting the news.  And the tone of the media was snarky and nasty  Why is that?  How can it be that professional reporters go on TV and the main message they convey is anger and hatred?

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