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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Really? Seriously?

CNN has struck again.  This time it published a column by someone named Ruth ben Ghiat who is supposed to be a professor at NYU.  Her thesis is that although President Trump denounced anti-Semitism, he is actually fomenting it as well as other forms of racism.  It's a deranged screed which seems totally divorced from reality.  Perhaps the clearest indication of this is when the professor denounces advisor Steven Miller because he has actually "campaigned against 'Islamofascism,' on the belief that the US and Western civilization are at war with Islamic jihadists".  In the professor's view, even the claim that America is at war with Islamic jihadists is racist and fascist.  I guess she thinks that 9-11 was an animal rights protest and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were fought against social justice warriors.  Maybe she thinks that the massacres in Orlando and San Bernardino were just workplace violence and the many other attacks were just a bunch of kids out for a good time.

All of these attacks/wars/fighting events have had America on one side and Islamic jihadists on the other side.  That's called reality.  There's reality even at the NYU faculty lounge.  CNN knows what reality is as well (although it seems to stay away from it more and more.) 

It is unforgiveable for CNN to publish this garbage.  Truly unforgiveable.

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