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Saturday, February 18, 2017

It Was A Very Private Event

Yesterday, the "resistance" called a nationwide general strike to protest President Trump and his actions so far.  Rallies were set for New York, Chicago and other large cities.  Thousands were expected to show up, but the turnout was sparse to say the least.  In Chicago, there were a few dozen protesters, so the event came up only about 98% short of its attendance goal.  In New York, they got over a hundred people to show.  In Manhattan, however, you could get over 100 people to show for any protest.  If they called a protest based upon the selection in the Whole Foods breakfast buffet, you could surely get over 100 people marching in Union Square.  I can hear them chanting now, "Five, six, seven, eight; Whole Foods' buffet was never great!"

The real point here is that essentially no one showed up for the nationwide general strike.  The day before, the "day without immigrants" protest was also mostly a dud.  It did have a slight impact at some restaurants, but otherwise, not much effect was noticed.

Does this mean that the resistance movement is dying out?  Does this mean that the Soros funded groups have stopped paying people to attend protests?  Does this mean that it's just too cold in the middle of winter to get people to turn out?  Who knows?  We will have to wait and see.

My best guess is that after a month of President Trump in office, the idea is one that even the angry left is getting use to.  There haven't been any of the sorts of things that the left predicted coming from Trump.  (To be clear, for the crazed left, everything Trump has done has been an outrage, but that group is tiny.)  Most Americans are just living their lives.


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