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Friday, February 17, 2017

Home On Deranged

The Dalton School is a very expensive and very elite prep school in Manhattan.  One would not normally call the families who send their children to the school "ordinary".  Nope, these families are rich and successful and they try to provide a great education for their children.  That's why today's news from Dalton is so bizarre.  Indeed, it's proof that many liberals have lost all reason when it comes to dealing with President Trump.  The Dalton School was forced to cancel its annual Winter Ice Skating Party for the kids because the event is held at the "Trump-Wollman Rink" in Central Park.  According to the New York Post article, a group of liberal parents pressured the school to cancel the event in protest of President Trump.

There are a few facts that you need to know to understand just how deranged this move really is.  First of all, Wollman Rink is owned by the City of New York.  President Trump and the Trump Organization do not profit from the operations of the rink.  Many decades ago, the city was rebuilding the rink and it ran into difficulties.  The rink was shut for years as city bureaucrats fought with contractors and the price tag for the reconstruction went through the roof.  Finally, Donald Trump asked the mayor to cancel the city contracts and to let Trump and his people rebuild the rink.  The mayor agreed and the Trump Organization then had the rink rebuilt in just a few months and at a cost that was only a small fraction of the amount the city was planning to spend.  The rink was renamed the Trump-Wollman Rink, but Trump does not own it.  Ownership is still with the city of New York.  The Trump Organization is still involved with running the rink, but it is done on a non-profit basis.

Now think about what these rich parents are doing.  Every year the students at Dalton had a winter event at the rink.  I assume they must have enjoyed it because the school came back year after year.  Now, the kids have lost the event due to the cancellation.  That cancellation means nothing to President Trump or to the Trump Organization.  It costs them nothing.  It won't even be noticed at the White House.  In short, it's the rough equivalent of parents who say they are going to hit their kids in protest of the President.  That would be actual child abuse.  The actions forced by some of the Dalton parents doesn't qualify legally as child abuse, but it has the same basic underpinnings.  These people are truly deranged.

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