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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Chaos and Disarray?

I'm watching the speech in Florida by President Trump and one thing is totally obvious:  the narrative of the mainstream media and the Democrats that Trump and his administration are mired in chaos and disarray is complete nonsense.  Trump began his speech by listing things that he did in the first four weeks in office.  It's an amazing list.  Important item after important item is being discussed.  These are accomplishment, not statements.  Trump is actually getting things done while Obama used to just talk about doing things.  For example, Trump pointed out that he brought back the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines with tens of thousands of jobs created.  He put on a federal hiring freeze.  He stopped new federal regulations and got rid of many job killing ones that were previously put in place by Obama.  If you want a complete list, I suggest you watch the speech on youtube.  The point, however, is that things are really happening.

It's interesting to me just how surprising I find the whole list of things that Trump has done.  Of all people, I am very aware of the phony nature of much of the mainstream media coverage of current events.  Even so, the non-stop garbage being pumped out about how Trump and his administration are being stymied and left in chaos, has managed to make me surprised when I hear all that has been done.

It's been a great four weeks.  It really seems that we may yet see Trump make America great again.

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