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Thursday, February 23, 2017

It's Just Over The Top Nuts

There's a big story today from Dallas about the terrible ordeal faced by an illegal alien who is covered by DACA and who was arrested by Dallas police yesterday for driving with an expired registration.  DACA is president Obama's executive action covering so called "dreamers", i.e., aliens who were brought to the country as children.  They get temporary work permits and are allowed to stay while those permits are in place.  Just yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security affirmed in its latest statement that the Trump administration is leaving DACA in place for now.

So what was the ordeal for this guy?  After he was arrested for driving with an expired registration by local police, it was also found that he had two unpaid traffic violations on his record.  Meanwhile, the Dallas police notified the feds that they had in custody an illegal alien. 

Let's stop here for a moment.  At this point, there was a major outcry on social media that President Trump was about to start deporting dreamers.  All kinds of people started hyperventilating on the subject.

Let's get back to the real story.  When the Dallas police told ICE that they had this guy in custody, the feds responded that no detainer was necessary.  After the guy was processed for his driving with an expired registration, he was released.  In other words, all the hyperventilating was unnecessary.  Indeed, it was ridiculous.

President Trump has made clear that dreamers are not targeted for deportation.  The actual target are those who have committed crimes, defrauded the government in benefit programs, who have already been ordered deported by a court or who are a danger to the public.  That does not mean someone who has unpaid parking tickets.  A dreamers could be deported if she started committing crimes or if he joined a violent gang.  The other dreamers are just not targeted.

I've read the coverage of this story in the media.  The point that the reporters push is not that the guy was released after ICE was notified and said there was no need for a detainer.  That is the actual news.  Nope, the media coverage is that this poor dreamer was arrested and subjected to being deported by the evil authorities.  It's just over the top nuts!

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