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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pelosi's Oops Moment

Yesterday, the big news was the Mike Flynn had resigned as National Security Advisor.  The Democrats could hardly contain themselves.  Every place there was a TV camera, there was also a Democrat calling for some further measure like an investigation or even impeachment.  In a rush to try to get her own time on the news shows, House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi called a news conference to denounce Flynn for calling himself a "scapegoat".  Pelosi also demanded that if Flynn were a scapegoat, she needed to hear who the others were who shared the blame.  Pelosi had representative Elijah Cummings with her to also discuss the "scapegoat" matter and demand action.

Here's the problem:  Flynn never called himself a "scapegoat".  That word came from a parody account on Twitter only.  Pelosi was in such a rush to comment on the "scapegoat" matter that she didn't even bother to determine that the whole thing was a fraud.  The tweet was not really Fake News, because it was a parody and no one who paid minimal attention to the tweet would think it was real.  Pelosi's supposed outrage over the tweet is also not Fake News.  Pelosi was actually demonstrating something very real:  given the chance to get news coverage, Pelosi and the Democrats will do or say anything without bothering to ascertain if they are even telling the truth.  In other words, the Pelosi event was better described as "real news from fake people".

For what it is worth, Pelosi later issued a correction.  It should have been an apology.

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