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Saturday, February 25, 2017

It Must Have Been the Russians

At the election for DNC Chair today, there was a major lie told by Keith Ellison, one of the two main candidates.  Earlier in the day, the mayor of Gary Indiana withdrew from the contest and got to make a speech that was well received.  Just before the voting began, the Ellison forces sent out a message that the Gary mayor had endorsed Ellison for the position.  No long thereafter (but after the votes were cast) the mayor denied he had endorsed Ellison.  Then Ellison sent out another message saying that there had been no endorsement by the Gary mayor.

At the moment, there are a lot of angry people at the DNC.  Ellison lied to the people making the selection just in time to possible influence the vote.  It's not clear if that was done by Ellison himself or by his allies.

No doubt, Donna Brazile will soon appear and tell us that it was really the Russians who hacked the system to put out false messages from Ellison.  Then she will probably quote the questions to be asked in the first presidential debate in 2020.

This whole mess is a major embarrassment for Ellison and the Democrats.  Ellison ought to withdraw at this point.

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