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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Need For Focus

We've all watched the first three weeks of the Trump presidency pass by.  There has been action on front after front.  It's now time, however, for the focus to narrow.  There needs to be a special focus on things that will produce economic growth and jobs.  That means tax changes, infrastructure spending, regulation reduction and modification of Dodd-Frank.  Repeal and replacement of Obamacare also makes the list, but it is so complicated that it cannot be the center of attention just yet.  Obviously, there is a need to move on the other fronts as well, but they have to be kept in the background for the time being.

The key to the success of the country in the next four years is the restarting of economic growth.  Americans have had enough of slow or no growth that was the norm under Obama.  The Democrats may want to scream and shout about some so called outrage of the moment.  President Trump and the GOP have to ignore them and focus on the economy.  There really aren't many ordinary Americans who care as much about most parts of foreign policy as they do about the economy and jobs.  If the economy can be brought back, much of the rest will fall into place.

The President and his people need focus, focus, focus.

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