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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trying To Stick To The Facts -- The Spies Are Out There

There's a "Russian spy ship" off the east coast of the USA.  That's somehow big news according to the mainstream media.  It's a clear sign that Russia is spying on us, right?  No, it's a clear sign that Trump colluded with the Russians on the election, right?  Maybe it's something else, but it sure is terrible, right?

The answer to all of this is that the Russian spy ship is just business as usual.  Think about it this way:

1.  The two calls between General Flynn and the Russian ambassador last December have been much in the news in the last week.  We know about those calls because the FBI was listening in and recorded them.  That recording by the FBI was part of regular spying by government agencies on Russian diplomats.  That's right, we spy on the Russians.

2.  The other day, some Russian planes buzzed a US ship in the Black Sea.  For what it is worth, the US navy ship was about as far off the Russian coast at that point as the Russian "spy ship" is from the American coast as I write this.  And guess what?  Some of what that American navy ship was doing was undoubtedly gathering intelligence on the Russians (otherwise known as spying.)

3.  There have been Russian spy ships off the American coast for many decades.  Before that there were spy ships from the Soviet Union off the coast of the USA.  There have also been American ships off the coast of Russia during that time.  Since the USA has an enormous shoreline, Russian ships can spy on many parts of the USA from international waters.  Because Russia is a mostly land locked country, more American spying is done by satellite than by ship.  America, however, spies on the Russians just as much as they spy on us.

4.  Not only do we spy on Russia.  We also monitor China, North Korea, Iran, and many of our allies as well.  The Russians also spy on many other countries.  And to complete the circle, many other countries spy on both the USA and Russia.

This entire story about the Russian spy ship is either a demonstration of just how ignorant and lazy the mainstream media really is, or, more likely, it is a Fake News story designed to alarm the average person in order to mess with the Trump administration.

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