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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Not Wittingly"

With Mike Flynn resigning as the National Security Advisor for President Trump when it became clear that he had been less than truthful when speaking to Vice President Pence, the media/Democrat complex is going crazy.  Some of the morons are calling for appointment of a special prosecutor.  Others want investigation of Russian involvement in the matter.  For the most part, those screaming the loudest are saying the least, but they all claim to be "outraged".

In this regard, it's worth remember the reaction when the Director of National Intelligence under president Obama, Mr. Clapper, got caught directly telling lies to Congress.  Senator Wyden of Oregon asked Clapper if the US intelligence agencies gather intelligence on American citizens.  Clapper responded with those famous words, "not wittingly."  That's right, Clapper lied.  He knew that the NSA/CIA and others collected metadata on phone calls and other electronic communications all across the country.  Quite purposely, the intelligence community collected the numbers that people called, when they made the calls, and how long the calls took among other things.  Clapper lied to Congress.  All these media and Democrats who now are outraged, didn't care a bit.  President Obama didn't even acknowledge that his DNI had lied to Congress.

So Trump fires his guy for telling lies and the Democrats go nuts, while Obama ignores when his guy directly lies to Congress and the Democrats stay silent.

Can you spell hypocrisy?

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