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Friday, February 17, 2017

Where Were They?

During the Obama presidency, the first family members went on a series of exorbitantly costly vacations.  I remember one vacation when the first lady went to Europe and the government rented three full floors of the hotel at which she was staying in order to keep everyone at least two floors away from her.  The hotel bill alone was in the range of $50,000 per day.  The total cost for the trip was more than one million dollars.  To be clear, that's one million dollars paid for by the taxpayers.  Then there were the trips to Martha's Vineyard in the summer and to Hawaii at Christmas.  Overall, the Obamas spent tens of millions of tax dollars on vacations.

There was almost no coverage of the huge sums being spent on the Obamas and their many trips/vacations.  The cost popped up a few times in some of the conservative media, but even there it got little coverage.  The first family gets full protection and that makes whatever they do expensive.

Today, there are a large number of stories about how expensive it is to guard the Trump family.  The first lady and the President's son Baron are staying in New York until after Baron's school year ends.  As a result, the Secret Service has been guarding them in Manhattan, something that is costly.  The President's children also get protection and, unlike the Obama children, they are old enough to live somewhere else besides the White House.  It's no surprise, therefore, that the day to day costs for the protection of the President and his family have risen.  These higher costs, however, are not the result of vacations or trips by the President.  He has been working non-stop since he took office.  When he left the White House, he went to his house in Florida.  These costs are just the result of the size and location of the Trump family.

So why should the mainstream media make such a fuss about the cost to protect the Trump family?  Do they want Americans to be annoyed that the President and his family have been protected?  This is just another of those idiotic and even deranged attacks by the mainstream media on President Trump.  It is pointless, however. 

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