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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Whine Tour of Washington

If you want to see something amazing, try taking a look at all the reporters from the mainstream media complaining about whom President Trump is selecting to ask questions at his press events.  It seems as if these cry-babies are on the "whine tour of Washington".

Think about it.  The President called first upon a reporter for the Christian Broadcast Network today for a question.  What a terrible affront to those entitled snobs from NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS.  How dare the President select someone other than one of the press aristocracy!  These fools started screaming so much that they actually got the subject trending on Twitter for a few minutes.

The truth is that the days when the big networks could monopolize Washington are over.  During the Obama years, there were a great many new news outlets created and the reach of these new outlets rivals that of the old mainstream media.  Obama and the Democrats naturally protected the turf of the mainstream media; after all, that media is just another arm of the Democrat party.  But now the Democrats are gone.  There's no reason why President Trump and the Republicans should help protect and strengthen the media that is their sworn enemy.

As a result of the new even approach that lets all media get a crack at asking questions, the old media is acting like the bully whose victim finally started hitting back.  "It's just not fair" they are yelling through their tears.  "We're supposed to get all the questions." 

All I can say is that it could not happen to a more deserving bunch of partisan hacks.

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