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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Oh My, The New York Times Realizes that President Trump Will Appoint Federal Judges

It's always amusing to watch the realization dawn on people who should know better that the President of the United States has great power.  Today, it's the New York Times that seems shocked that President Trump will be able to appoint large numbers of judges to the federal bench.  In an article on the subject, the Times estimates that Trump may get to appoint nearly 40% of all the judges who will be active at the end of his first four years.  To say the least, the Times article is idiotic.  It's the rough equivalent of the Times writing an in depth analysis of how night follows day and then day follows night.

Under the Constitution, the President appoints federal judges subject to the approval of the Senate.  Right now, nearly 20% of the judgeships in the federal system are vacant.  Some of that is due to delays by the Republican Senate in confirming Obama appointees in 2016.  Most of the vacancies are the result, however, of a failure by Obama to appoint people to fill those positions.  President Trump can appoint people to fill all those positions.  On top of the current vacancies, the Times estimates that about another 20% of the judges will leave active service due to age, illness or the like.  Again, this is no great mystery.  So Donald Trump will get to appoint a great many federal judges.  And to make things much worse for the Democrats, the GOP controlled Senate will be able to confirm those nominees without any chance by the Dems to filibuster them. 

Just imagine a phalanx of conservative judges marching out of Washington after confirmation to remake America's courts.  Perhaps, I should say to make America's courts great again.  The New York Times won't be the only place where liberals will have a melt down when that happens.  If the libs lose control of the courts, they will have no power base left at all. 

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