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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fake Punditry in Action - 4 - NY Times Style

Here's the latest in my continuing series of mainstream media punditry based upon false premises.  Today's fake comes from Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times.  His column today is entitled,

Trump Voters, Your Savior Is Betraying You

Let's forget for the moment, the rather inappropriate language declaring Trump the "savior" of millions of American voters.  Let's rather focus on exactly how Kristof says that Trump is betraying those who voted for him.

My favorite of Kristof's listed betrayals is this one: It will come as "[Trump] 'reforms' and tears holes in some of the big safety net programs like Medicaid, Social Security or Medicare."  See, according to Kristof, Trump will destroy Social Security and the other programs even though as a candidate, Donald Trump said over and over that he would not touch Social Security or Medicare.  Kristof claims to know something that no one else does.  Indeed, even AARP which has as its principal mission protecting Social Security and Medicare is running TV commercials praising Trump for his promises to keep those programs uncut.  I guess some swami or other prophet has given Kristof a view of the future that includes cuts to Social Security made by Trump.  Okay, let's be honest:  Kristof is just making this stuff up in order to stir up fear among seniors and to attack Trump.

Another big "betrayal" listed by Kristof is that "Trump seems poised to weaken the contraception mandate for insurance coverage and curb funding for women’s health clinics."  Notice that even Kristof couldn't bring himself to say that Trump had done that, only that he seemed poised to do it.  Understand, however, what this means.  The contraception mandate in Obamacare provides that health insurance policies have to cover contraceptives.  This is hardly a big deal.  In most places, the cost of contraceptive pills for women run no more than ten dollars per month.  This is hardly a major issue.  Even so, there has been nothing said by the White House to indicate that these items will (or will not) be included in the health plan which replaces Obamacare.  And let's be clear what "curbing funding for women's health clinics" means.  That is a reference to the cut off of funding for Planned Parenthood which has been exposed as allegedly selling the parts of aborted children.  Sale of body parts is a federal crime.  Further, the bills that cut off funding for Planned Parenthood do not eliminate funding for women's health clinics but rather redirect the funds to other purveyors of those services.  Here too, Kristof's column is Fake Punditry in Action.

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