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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Here Comes The Next One

It looks like the Senate Democrats have decided that it's time to start criticizing Andy Puzder, the nominee for Secretary of Labor.  I'm not going to go into the detail; it's just more of the usual BS from this perpetually outraged group.  Each of the Trump nominees who have already been approved were denounced by the Dems for seeking to inflict great harm on some group of victims or another.  DeVos was attacking children, Sessions was a racist, Tillerson hated the environmentalists (and was in league with Putin), etc.  Puzder is not said to hate working people.

You would think that the Democrats would be applauding someone who hates working people.  After all, the Democrats clearly fall within that group.  Nevertheless, this seems to be the latest talking point for the Democrats to follow.  It's a hilarious mistake on their part.  One Democrat senator is pointing out that American workers are hurting badly and need help, not the sort of thing that Puzder will do.  Think about that.  We just finished eight years with Obama in control, but the workers of the country are in a dire condition.  How did they get there?  Could it maybe be because Obama and the Democrats did not care at all about them?  Sure seems that way.

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