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Friday, February 24, 2017

Imaginary News

First we had news.  Then we had Fake News.  That changed to Very Fake News.  Today, we've gone to Imaginary News.

There's an article highlighted on the Drudge Report about how Mexican migrant shelters are seeing a spike in people coming from the USA.  At least that is what the headlines say.  When you actually read the article, you find that there is one shelter in Reynosa, Mexico that says it is "expecting" an uptick in the number of migrants coming to the shelter after being deported from the USA.  So far, there has been one day when the number spiked higher than average.

The article goes on to explain what a trauma it is for those deported to go to the shelter and how they are separated from their families, except the flow of those migrants hasn't yet materialized, so this is all imaginary.

Reporting facts is fine.  Reporting the expectations of one migrant shelter for the future is a bit much.  Using blaring headlines to report facts which are just details of an imaginary future is just wrong. 

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