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Saturday, February 11, 2017

You Really Have To Laugh

Today in The New Republic, there is an article arguing that the Republicans are off to a "pitiful" start under Donald Trump.  It's three weeks since the inauguration and there's been no legislation yet.  That means that the GOP has failed, right?  At least that is what the New Republic argues. 

You really have to laugh at this nonsense.

Since Trump was sworn in, the overwhelming majority of time in the Senate has been spent confirming nominees for positions in the presidential cabinet.  Democrats have used every possible delaying tactic but they have lost each fight.  There will be more of this next week and the week after that. So the Democrats prevent the Senate from considering anything other than nominations and then criticize the Republicans for only working on nominations.  As I said, you really have to laugh at this.

The New Republic also criticizes Trump and the Republicans as do nothing in comparison to what George W. Bush did when he took office.  The article actually points out that by June of 2001, Bush had signed the legislation for tax cuts.  Perhaps the morons at The New Republic didn't notice, but June is five months after Bush took office.  Just to help them out, I should point out that five months is about seven times longer than three weeks.

The reality is that much is and much more will be happening under President Trump.  This sort of silly attack that nothing much has been done reminds me of the attacks during the week after the election that the Trump transition was supposedly "in chaos".  That charge was everywhere in the mainstream media, but it quickly fell apart as more and more got done in an orderly and successful transition.  The same will happen to today's nonsensical attack from The New Republic.

And while we're at it, isn't it a bit strange that a media outlet that seems to want to take America back to the 1930s is called the NEW Republic?  Shouldn't they call it "Nostalgia" or "The Old Republic" or maybe just "The Socialist Paradise"?  Even better would be "The New Pravda".

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