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Friday, February 17, 2017

Two State Reality

Two days ago, President Trump said at a press conference with the Israeli prime minister that the USA would support a two state solution or a one state solution or indeed any solution that was agreeable to the parties to the conflict, namely Israel and the Palestinians.  The mainstream media portrayed this as an abandonment of a decades old bit of American foreign policy; the USA and Trump had abandoned the so called two state solution.  Obviously, those who wrote this did not bother to listen to what President Trump actually had to say.  The USA is not against a two state solution.  Instead, the USA is now in favor of letting the parties find whatever agreement they can to end the conflict instead of attempting to tell the parties what they ought to do.

Yesterday, Ambassador Nikki Haley said at the UN that the USA still supports a two state solution.  There was an immediate outcry from some that her statement was at odds with what the President had said the previous day.  Morons like the senator from my own state, Chris Murphy, ran to argue that this was an inconsistency in American foreign policy.  As usual, Murphy didn't seem to understand the situation.  If he doesn't understand, it is just further proof that he really is not intelligent enough to be a senator.  On the other hand, if he does understand, then he is intentionally misleading the public and that should disqualify him from being a senator.

Haley's statement in no way contradicts what the President said the day before.  America still thinks that a two state solution would be best.  That remains our position as it has been for decades.  Nevertheless, we recognize that a peace deal has to be one to which both sides agree.  President Trump has made clear that the USA will accept any deal that the parties negotiate whether or not it includes a two state solution. 

Someone should explain all this to senator Murphy.

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