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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Overblown and Hysterical

I just finished studying the memorandum issued by the Secretary of DHS regarding enforcement of the immigration laws.  In short, it calls for the enforcement of the existing law and prioritizes those on whom enforcement activities will be focused.  Those people who will be targeted are convicted criminals, those charged with crimes but not yet convicted, those who have already been ordered deported by a court in the past, those who have defrauded the USA or a state by getting public benefits through fraudulent means and those who pose a danger to public safety (like gang members.)  The memo expressly says that the DACA group and the parents of US citizens group will still be protected by the Obama era orders currently in force. 

A different way to describe the memo is that no one who was previously protected from deportation is not subject to deportation.  All the illegals who might have been deported in the past may still be deported.  We now have, however, guidelines that tell government agents to focus their activities on criminals, people who endanger public safety, people who defraud the government and those who were already ordered deported by a court.

The media and many of the Democrats have been screaming non-stop since this memo was issued.  Think about that.  If this is their reaction to an order that says the federal government is going to enforce existing law, what will they do if the laws get tightened?  It's crazy, but it's not new.  In the 1980s New York was a very dangerous and violent place.  Crime soared.  The streets were not safe.  when Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor, he ordered the police to start enforcing law regarding minor offenses.  People who jumped the turnstiles to get onto the subway without paying the fare were stopped and ticketed.  People who walked down the street playing loud music were stopped and ticketed.  People who ran up to cars stopped at lights and used squeegees to clean the windshield for payment were stopped and ticketed.  The New York City liberals went crazy.  That said that Giuliani was creating a police state and turning the NYPD into the Gestapo.  What the police found, though, was that a large number of those who were ticketed were actually wanted for other, more serious crimes.  Those people were arrested and removed from the streets.  Almost immediately, the crime rate in NYC started to plummet.  It was the biggest sustained drop in crime in any large city of the time.  The left, however, always viewed it as a neo-Nazi action of serious unfairness.  And yet, all that Giuliani was doing was enforcing the existing law.  Despite the opposition of the left, the people of the city loved what happened.  Rudy was re-elected by a big margin at the end of four years.

The truth is that the liberals have no leg to stand on.  If they don't like having DHS enforce the law, then they need to work on changing that law.  Otherwise, they should just shut up.

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