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Saturday, February 25, 2017

So Which Is It?

It's five weeks into the term of Donald Trump as President, and there's a weird pattern emerging.  Look at the opposition to Trump.  First they tell us about all the supposedly terrible things that Trump has done.  Ten minutes later, they tell us that Trump has done nothing and is unlikely to ever do anything.  Huh?  Which is it?

A good example is the border wall.  How many times in the last month or so have you heard some talking head on TV tell you that the wall will never be built?  If you watch news shows at all, that number has to be over 25.  It's like a mantra for many on the left.  Trump's promise to build the wall is supposedly just another political promise that will never come to fruition.  Then consider the reaction to yesterday's announcement that the process of wall construction will start soon in three locations when contracts are let by the federal government.  The same people who tell us the wall will never be built also tell us that construction of the wall is a terrible and futile idea.  That's just one example; there are many more.

I know that there are a great many people on the left (and that includes most pundits) who hate Trump no matter what he does or says.  That is their right.  Still, don't they realize how silly they look when the say contradictory things?

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