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Sunday, February 12, 2017

What's Different This Time?

In the last eight years, how many missiles did North Korea launch?  The answer is "a great many".  Each time the NK's did a test launch, the USA under president Obama reacted in the same way; Obama did nothing.  Oh, on occasion, the White House would issue a statement, but no action was taken against the NK regime.  Obama didn't even try to get China to try to pressure the NK government to stop further tests.

Yesterday, the North Koreans launched a medium range missile which fell into the sea between Korea and Japan.  So far, the response has been a joint statement by Japanese prime minister Abe and President Trump deploring the test and pointing out that it is illegal and contrary to a resolution of the UN Security Council.  That quick response is already more than Obama did during the eight preceding years. 

President Trump may take further steps; we don't know.  The amazing thing in my view, however, is not the reaction by Trump.  Nope, what I find fascinating is the media reaction in which America is told that this is a major test for Trump.  How will he stop further missile tests?  For eight years, the NKs tested missile after missile and exploded nuclear weapons in underground test sites.  Obama did nothing, and the media was silent.  We never heard that North Korea and its actions were a test for Obama.  The media never asked how Obama would stop further tests.  The media was fine with Obama ignoring this major danger to world peace.

What a difference a new president makes.  The mainstream media that never even bothered to inquire about possible American responses when Obama was president is now hardly able to contain itself because Donald Trump is now President.

The truth is that NK would not have nuclear weapons today had Bill Clinton not been fooled by the NKs when he signed the deal with that country in the 1990s.  The NKs promised not to go ahead with their nuclear weapons program, but they did it all secretly.  Clinton let the deal be finalized without any way to verify that the NKs weren't cheating.  The media never said anything then (Clinton, remember, was also a member of the media party, that is, a Democrat.)

It's a sad day for America that President Trump has to deal with this problem that Obama ignored for almost a decade.  No one should forget how we got here, however.

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