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Monday, February 27, 2017

The Photo Op As A Meaningful Event

I just read an article lauding Hollywood celebrities for wearing blue ribbons to last night's Oscars debacle.  I didn't watch the show, so I can't say who did and who did not wear the ribbons.  I learned, however, from today's story that the blue ribbons indicate support for the ACLU.  Supposedly, having celebrities wear the ribbons is a BIG STORY!

Think about it.  For the last eight years under president Obama, we've had a photo op government.  The key has been what got said to the media or what photo could be taken to emphasize a point.  The substance of the position and the ability to achieve the goal receded into the background.  Obama, the Democrats and the media focused on words and pictures rather than reality.  If you doubt that, consider the nuclear deal with Iran.  Obama did everything conceivable to get an agreement.  The goal was the agreement; it was not the content of the agreement.  The negotiations with Iran began because American policy had been to prevent the Iranians from getting nuclear weapons.  Then, Obama signed his all-important deal with Iran that guarantees the Islamic Republic a clear glide path to nukes over the next decade.  It is as if a medical effort to eradicate the Ebola virus ended with the federal government injecting random people with that virus but then celebrating that at least we now have a program regarding Ebola.

Last night's Oscars and the blue ribbons for the ACLU is just another of these words, not deeds, moments.  People who watched (and I doubt there were too many) could sit by their TV's and notice that Hollywood supports the ACLU.  It doesn't change anything.  It won't change anything in the future.  It's just some liberal "virtue signaling."  It's much the same as Al Gore warning of excessive carbon use before he gets on his private jet to fly home to his extremely oversize mansion that uses twenty times the fuel required for the average home.

The craziness continues.

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