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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Do They Hear Themselves Talking?

I sometimes wonder if people on the left hear themselves as they talk.  It certainly seems as if the answer is no, given some of the outrageous things they say.

Let's start with an old favorite when it comes to idiotic and outrageous statements:  congressman Maxine Waters.  I do not understand how she was ever elected to Congress, but she has been there a long, long time.  She's often wrong and most of the time very, very wrong.  A few weeks ago, she said that Russia under Vladimir Putin had invaded Korea.  Nope.  No one has invaded Korea since the 1950s when the North Koreans attacked South Korea and the Chinese ultimately came in to support the NKs.  Russia was not involved and Putin was not even born yet at the time of the attack.

Waters latest statement, however, came on the little watched Chris Hayes program on MSNBC.  Just because the audience is a small bunch of true believer leftists, doesn't mean that Waters gets a pass for what she said.  She called President Trump and his cabinet "a bunch of scumbags."  Think about that.  She didn't say that she disagreed with these people; instead, she just made a personal attack on them.

Imagine if someone on TV were to say of Maxine Waters that "I would say she looks like a crack whore, but that would be too great an insult to the crack whores around the nation."  The media and the left (I know--same thing) would denounce the speaker as a racist and demand that he/she be fired.  Waters, however, calls the President and the cabinet a bunch of scumbags and no one says anything.

Another person who obviously doesn't think before he speaks is Bill Maher, the host of a show on HBO.  Maher spoke of Ivanka Trump's clothing line, falsely claimed it was suffering from declining sales, and then said that apparently the only who still wants to get into Ivanka's pants is the President.  Was there any outrage that he accused President Trump of wanting an incestuous relationship with his daughter?  Nope.  Just imagine the response if someone suggested that president Obama wanted to sleep with Sasha or Malia.  There would not be silence.

The reality is that these statements are terrible no matter who says them.  The liberals/leftists don't get a free pass because the target is a Republican.  Many millions of Americans take offense at this kind of stuff.  Lefties like Waters and Maher hurt their own cause with this stuff.   I don't think they even realize how bad the things they say are.

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