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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Don't They Realize How It Looks?

There are a lot of politically active people around the USA.  The truth, however, is that there are a lot more people who really don't pay all that much attention to politics except right before elections.  This larger group of people, though, are the ones who determine the results in almost every instance.  That makes it very important for a political party to avoid making a bad impression on this larger group.  At the moment, it seems that the Democrats are going all out to make not only a bad impression, but one that will remain with these people when they next go to the polls.  Consider these examples:

1.  President Trump issued a temporary hold on the admittance of people from seven countries with problems with terrorism.  These are places for which it is very difficult to check the validity of the people seeking admission because the countries from which they come either won't or can't tell the USA about the background of the would be immigrants.  Trump set the temporary ban for 90 days.  For the average American, it makes perfect sense to stop admissions temporarily while the government comes up with a better way to check on those seeking entry so as to keep out any terrorists trying to get in.  That's why the polls on the subject strongly support Trump's action.  The response from the Democrats, the media and Hollywood, however, has been to act like the world is coming to an end with this action.  To the average person, it looks like they are siding with the possible immigrants and terrorists against the safety of American citizens.

2.  In recent days, there have been raids by ICE which have picked up illegal aliens with criminal records and others who have been previously ordered deported by a court.  The raids were planned when Obama was still president, but they went ahead now with Trump in the White House.  The Democrats and the media/Hollywood people are again going berserk.  Just this morning, I saw that Meryl Streep called the government people "brownshirts" which is just another way of waying that they are Nazis.  Think about that.  The feds pick up people who are convicted felons and the left sides with the felons and calls the government people Nazis.  To the average person, it is really hard to explain why the Democrats and their allies would side with those convicted of crimes against the safety of the average American. 

3.  Also in recent days, the left has started talking about impeaching President Trump.  They are already attacking literally everything Trump does.  It seems to be non-stop fury coming from the Democrats and their allies.  Sure, the Democrats delaying approval every nomination for a cabinet position may make the party's far left base happy, but to most people it seems like a waste of time.  Anger at Trump might be understood once he has been in office for more than a few weeks, but major protests on the day after he took office are hard to understand as anything more than an expression of anger after the loss by Hillary. 

The base of the Democrat party and the media/Hollywood complex may be enjoying their days of anger at everything Trump does or says.  The problem for the Democrats, however, is that I don't believe that they understand just how bad their conduct looks to ordinary American voters.  Once the Democrats etch the impression that they are a bunch of crazy angry leftists into the psyche of middle America, it's going to be doubly hard for them to recover from their loss in 2016.  That's fine with me, but it seems like a truly strange course of action if they ever want to recover.

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