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Friday, February 17, 2017

This Is Just Crazy

The latest bit of news swirling around General Mike Flynn is a claim that he is being investigated because he was paid to make and appearance and speak at an event in Russia in 2015.  At the time, Flynn was no longer in the army and he had not yet taken any role either in the Trump campaign or with the federal government.  He made an appearance at a dinner in Moscow and sat for a long interview together with the former foreign minister of the Soviet Union.  Flynn said all along that he was paid for the appearance by his speakers' bureau.  Now, supposedly, there is a push to see who exactly paid for the appearance.  The claim is that the news organization that ostensibly paid has close ties to the Russian government.

Think about that.  Flynn is not in office and goes to speak in Russia.  He gets paid something like $50,000 for a multi-day appearance that includes a long interview.  The media and the Democrats are still going crazy about this.

Now remember that Hillary Clinton's husband Bill got something like seven million dollars to give speeches and that the cash came directly from foreign governments in some cases.  This happened while Clinton actually was Secretary of State.  The media and the Democrats said "nothing to see here; it's no big deal."

Flynn was out of office, a retired general with no real prospects of future power.  Bill Clinton was married to the sitting Secretary of State.  Needless to say, Bill Clinton also had much more confidential and classified information that Flynn ever had.  So when a foreign government directly paid the Clintons millions for speeches, it obviously was much more clearly wrong than when a news organization paid Flynn.

But here we still are.  This is just crazy.

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