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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Media Just Doesn't Understand Today's Press Conference

President Trump held a press conference today at the White House.  I watched it; it was an amazing performance.  Trump was masterful.  Not only was he in total control, but he was funny and informative.  He also put the press in their place.  All the fake (and real) outrage coming from the reporters was just brushed aside as the nonsense that it truly is.

So how has the media covered the press conference?  CNN called Trump "defensive".  In truth, Trump was anything but defensive.  Instead it was CNN's reporter who was probably the most defensive of all.  Other media sources called Trump "unhinged".  Really?  The President managed for over an hour to make clear to the American people just how dishonest the media has been; that does not get changed by making false charges against President Trump.  Some in the media are spending time covering Trump's claim that he got more electoral votes than any president since Reagan.  A reporter decided point out that Trump was wrong and then to ask how the American people could ever trust what he says.  Trump responded that he was talking about Republican presidents (which makes his statement correct.)  Nevertheless, I don't think that there are many Americans who think that even a misstatement by Trump about past electoral vote totals would shake their ability to believe him.

The reality this afternoon was that President Trump reconnected to his voters and others.  He reassured America that he was still on their side in the fight against the Washington elites.  For years politicians promised one thing to get elected and then did another thing once in Washington.  With Trump, however, it is becoming more and more clear that he is going to do what he promised during the campaign.  Today's press conference is just reinforcement of that fact. 

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