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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

An Interesting Legal Issue -- Not a Major Event

If you listen to the mainstream media, you would think that President Trump has unleashed ICE to deport all those young illegal aliens who were given a short term special exemption to deportation by president Obama.  Obama called these people "dreamers", but it did not change their immigration status.  They were still in the country illegally.  The Obama Executive Order, however, authorized the granting of two year work permits to those who qualified for the program despite their illegal status.  Now, one guy in Washington state was detained by ICE even though he has a work permit.  As a result, the mainstream media has gone into total hysteria.  According to the media, President Trump is going to deport all the "dreamers".

Here's the actual facts.  ICE agents went to the home of a man who is an illegal alien with a criminal record.  While at the home to arrest this man, the agents encountered his son and asked about the son's immigration status.  The son said that he had a work permit, but he also admitted to the agents that he is a member of a gang.  As a result, both the father and son were detained.  ICE is going to proceed to deport the father.  As for the son, despite admitting to ICE agents that he is a member of a gang, his lawyer is now denying that the son ever said such a thing.  There will be a hearing the day after tomorrow at which the matter will be adjudicated.

This presents an interesting legal issue:  The son has a work permit issued by the federal government under Obama's Executive Order.  The son is also likely a gang member who fits in the group to be deported under Trump's Executive Order.  Which one controls?  Do "dreamers" with criminal records and gang connections get protection from deportation, or does the commission of crimes and gang activities void that protection?  We'll soon hear what the judge thinks.

This is not a major event, however.  Despite the media hysteria, this is an isolated case.  President Trump has not started rounding up "dreamers" despite the Fake News being pushed by the left.  There is no reason for the left to inflict unnecessary fear on the dreamers.  The left needs to calm down and pay attention to the facts.

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