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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Voter ID Laws -- The End of Opposition?

Yesterday, the Justice Department announced that it was withdrawing its opposition to the Texas law requiring voters to present ID at the polling place.  Under Obama, the Justice Department had argued that the Texas law was intended to and in truth had the effect of discriminating against minority voters.  The "effect" part has already been decided by the court, but the intent of the legislature in passing the law is still under consideration.  This is the segment from which the DOJ withdrew its support.  The case will continue since there are local voters and organizations that are pursuing it, but Texas will no longer have to deal with the efforts of DOJ.

This certainly is a move that makes sense.  The Supreme Court ruled many years ago that photo ID requirements are constitutional.  Despite constant claims by the Democrats that such rules are aimed at minorities, there is no proof of that.  Indeed, right here in Connecticut, we have had photo ID requirements for a long time, and the system functions just fine.

Hopefully, the controversy over voter ID laws will come to an end.  It is a waste of effort whose only purpose is for the Democrats to try to excite their base and get them to the polls.

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