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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It's Amazing Still

So we're one month into the age of Trump, and the views in this country are still polarized.  To be more precise, the views of the pundits who opine each day in the media are still polarized.  For the most part, the usual liberal media people are horrified by Trump.  It's not so much what he is doing, but rather more that it is Trump who is doing it.  And the tone is truly nasty.  Just this morning, I saw a well known columnist describe Trump as a "disease" in the White House.  Of course, this same columnist was appalled when Trump called some of the press enemies of America.  In her mind, she gets to go over the top in her criticism, but the President can respond.

As a whole, the media is still pushing a narrative that things in DC are out of control.  Chaos reigns at least in the minds of the punditry.  Just look; Trump has not yet gotten Congress to pass his entire agenda.  This is a phony narrative.  Congress never moves quickly.  That is something that all Americans should know.  And what has Congress been doing?  Well, in the Senate, most of the time since inauguration has been spent with the Democrats delaying and stretching out approvals of Trump's cabinet nominees.  We've seen three all-nighters pulled as Democrats just talk and talk and talk before the votes get taken and Democrats lose and lose and lose. 

What amazes me most, however, is that the attacks on Trump are so irrational that they have little to do with policy and are now just centered on trying to destroy him.  There seems to be no concern about what this will do to America.

Here's a blatant example that's worth mentioning.  It's not criticism from the media or the congressional Democrats, but instead it is from a protester.  Last night Tucker Carlson had a leader of one of the Presidents' Day protests on his show.  Those were rather small protests in a few cities aimed at Trump.  Carlson asked the protest leader about the substance of the protests.  The guy told Carlson that as a gay man he was concerned about anti-gay legislation that has been mentioned as coming.  Carlson stopped the guy and said that Trump had just signed an order that supported gay rights; Carlson then asked what specifically was the protest leader speaking about.  That was it for this protest leader.  He talked on, but he had nothing to say.  There was no threat to gay rights that he could enunciate.   No threatened legislation, no threatened executive actions, no anti-gay statements by Trump were mentioned.  The best he could come up with was that he knew what Mike Pence really thinks.  It was embarrassing for the poor guy, but even after all that he was still talking about upcoming protests to end the "threat" from Trump.

The sad thing is that the mindless opposition really does hurt the country.  A debate over policy is fine.  An attack on the President just to have an attack is idiotic.  It amazes me still that so many on the left don't see that (or don't care.)

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