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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Oh, The Horror! They're Enforcing the Law

Today's big headline in the world of Liberal News is that the federal government is in the midst of a major upsurge in arresting illegal aliens (or, as the mainstream media calls them, immigrants.)  They used to be called "undocumented immigrants" in the mainstream media because illegal aliens might hurt their feelings, even though they are illegal aliens.

Here's the truth.  In southern California over the past week, ICE arrested 200 people in sweeps in the region.  Of the 200 people, 190 had criminal records and five had outstanding deportation orders.  That means that of the 200, at least 195 would have been deported under the rules used by the Obama administration.  The difference seems to be that while the Trump administration is actually arresting and deporting illegal aliens with felonies on their records, the Obama administration just talked about doing that and left the criminals on the streets of American cities.  There is no information available about the five additional people arrested by ICE this week.

This is hardly big news.  All that is happening is that the federal government is enforcing the law.  And to be clear, the law that is being enforced is the same law that president Obama said his people were enforcing.

When President Trump took office, he swore to enforce the laws of the USA.  It's hardly news that he's doing what he promised to do.  That was only news when Obama actually did that (which was quite rare.)

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