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Friday, February 24, 2017

Fake Punditry In Action -- 2

This looks to be a continuing series.  Yesterday, I wrote about a Bloomberg News column by Al Hunt which was charitably best described as utter nonsense.  Today, we have another pundit on Bloomberg News who is writing about the need for President Trump to push down the value of the dollar.  Again, it starts out on a totally fake basis.  Here's the first paragraph of this supposed "news analysis".

At the beginning of February, President Donald Trump reportedly called his national security adviser Michael Flynn at 3:00 a.m. to ask whether a strong dollar was good or bad for the economy.

That is a story that was Fake News.  It appeared in the Huffington Post, and even most of the mainstream media did not pick it up.  They understood that a supposed 3:00 AM call between Trump and Flynn couldn't leak unless one or the other of them was the leaker.  There's no way either of them would have done that.  They also understood that President Trump understands the effects of currency on international and domestic business much better than any of our recent presidents.  He's spent much of his life dealing with international deals and has been forced to manage currency moves in his business.

That use of Fake News to start an opinion piece is just another bit of Fake Punditry.  Bloomberg seems to be specializing in this lately.

Note:  I did not mention the name of the supposed 'pundit" or link to the article since I see no reason to send people to read bogus stuff.

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