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Saturday, February 4, 2017

CNN Never Stops

Did you see the story from CNN today about how President Trump has the lowest approval rating of any new president ever?  CNN took the poll and then pushed the story.  But here's the problem:  since the inauguration, there have been 12 different polling organizations that asked about Trump's job approval.  Would you care to guess which of all these polls showed the biggest negative margin (disapproval minus approval)?  If you guessed that CNN was the worst for Trump you would be, of course, correct.  Many of the polls showed Trump with more approval than disapproval.  One was tied.  The average of the recent polls compiled by Real Clear Politics showed Trump's approval at slightly less than his disapproval.  The average is well within the margin of error, and that included the CNN poll as part of the average.

The truth is that the country is pretty well split on Trump's performance at the moment.  If you listened to CNN, however, you would think that there is massive disapproval, indeed the worst in history.  It's bad enough that CNN pushed fake news stories; do they really have to put out fake polls as well?

I guess that the only saving grace in all this is that no one watches CNN anyway. 

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