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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

DeVos Confirmed

Betsy DeVos was confirmed today as Secretary of Education.  Last night's big speech fest by the Democrats didn't change a single vote.  I pity the poor Democrats.  They had to stay up all night talking to an empty Senate chamber just to make sure that the teachers' unions didn't get angry because DeVos go confirmed.

Think about this.  The big criticism of DeVos is that she supports the idea of giving vouchers to poor families so that they can send their children to good schools just like the wealthy families do.  The Democrats say this will destroy public education.  Really?  Making sure that poor kids get a good education will destroy public education?  Who are they kidding?  The truth is that letting poor families get their kids a good education outside the existing system will only hurt the so called teachers who are just putting in time to get a paycheck.  If many children leave the failing public schools, there won't be a need for as many teachers.  The children, however, will get a BETTER education.

For decades, I have listened to Democrats tell us how they fight for the poor.  It's just not true.  They fight for the teachers' union and they tell the poor to go to hell.

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