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Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Rush To Judgment By The so-called Elites

Stephen Walt is a professor at Harvard.  Wow!  Doesn't that make him just wonderful.  He must be an authority on everything because Harvard hired him.

I start with that nonsense because Walt just published an article explaining that President Trump has "blown" his chance to have a successful foreign policy.  That's right, two weeks in the Trump Administration, this professor can tell us all that Trump's foreign policy has failed.  The prof is not saying that things have started poorly or that he would have done things differently.  Nope, Trump's presidency is already a "failure" when it comes to foreign policy.  It's like going to see a movie and announcing that the film is garbage ten seconds into the movie.

I'm not posting the link to Walt's article, because seriously it is not worth the time to read it.  Unfortunately for me, I did read it.  The main point of the piece is that Walt would have done something different if her were president.  I'm not even going to judge whether Walt's plans would have been better than what Trump actually has done so far.  I just think it is extraordinarily conceited for some professor to announce to the world that Trump has "failed" when there has been so little that has happened on the foreign policy front.  Who designated Walt as the genius of the world?

I get tired of reading the work of these self-important self-proclaimed "experts".  I mean they can argue for a position or propose a course of action, but they don't get to decide the outcome.  It would be nice if they understand that reality.

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