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Thursday, February 2, 2017

You Decide: Workplace Violence or Terrorism?

In the southern part of Mosul in Iraq, a bomb explosion took the lives of Abu Abdullah and some of his assistants.  Abu Abdullah was a leader of ISIS in charge of designing, building and placing bombs along roads and other public places to inflict casualties on civilians and the Iraqi and other forces trying to drive ISIS out of Mosul.  The bomb that exploded and which killed Abu Abdullah and his helpers was one they were trying to rig by the side of a road for a future attack.  It is a great thing that the terrorist blew up himself and his helpers.

It does raise an important question.  For many years in the USA, the Obama administration went to great lengths to try not to call anything a "terrorist act".  One of Obama's favorite descriptions was "workplace violence".  When major Hassan killed 13 in his terror attack at Fort Hood, Obama called it workplace violence.  That was a joke.  In Iraq, however, Abu Abdullah was clearly doing his work of planting bombs for ISIS.  When one exploded and killed him, was that "workplace violence"?  Was it "terrorism"?  You decide.  I'm just glad that this bastard is dead. 

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