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Friday, February 3, 2017

Are They Starting To Realize?

There was an article today in US News (yes it still exists) in which the reporters discusses concern among Democrats that their constant outpouring of outrage over every action taken by President Trump and his administration is diluting their message.  In other words, is too much outrage a good thing or is the avalanche of upset turning off most voters?

It's about time.  The non-stop nonsense and the perpetual dyspepsia is wearing thin; that's for sure.  When Donald Trump temporarily bans entry from countries identified by Obama as sources of terrorism, it's hard to denounce the action as arbitrary without getting some blowback on Obama.  When Trump nominates his cabinet, it's hard for the Democrats to denounce each and every one of them as the worst thing ever to happen to America without looking foolish.  After Trump nominates a new Supreme Court justice who was approved unanimously for his current judicial position, it's hard for senators like Schumer (who voted to approve the guy) to now tell us that the nominee is a lifelong extremist who endangers America.  People see the hysteria for what it really is.

It would serve the Dems well to tone it all down.  Right now, they look like they are going mad.  (Who knows, maybe they are.)  Their base may be happy, but they are quickly losing everyone else.

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