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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

More Games In DC

In all the news swirling through Washington today, one item got little play.  The senate Democrats boycotted another committee meeting thereby putting of a vote on Scott Pruitt, the nominee to be head of the EPA.  It's an amazingly brazen move by the Dems.  Just a few hours earlier, the Senate Finance committee went ahead to approve Steve Mnuchin and Tom Price despite the a two day boycott by the Dems.  The chair of the committee just asked for unanimous consent to waive the rules.  With no Democrats at the meeting, the waiver was, of course, unanimously approved.  It was a great move.  If a Democrat showed up to object to the waiver, there would be no need to obtain it because the rules would allow a vote.  If no Dems show up, then a unanimous waiver is an easy measure to approve.  So the Democrats knew that their boycott was a wasted effort, but they did it anyway.  I assume that tomorrow the Republicans will approve Pruitt if the Dems again boycott the committee meeting.

There is no point for the Dems to play these games.  It just makes them look childish.  Oh well, I guess that's just life in Washington.

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