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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

More Wasted Time

Jeff Sessions was just confirmed as Attorney General.  I assume he will be sworn in tonight and begin work at the DOJ tomorrow.  The vote in the senate was 52 to 47 (Sessions did not vote).  That means that even after their all night speech fest, the Democrats couldn't even get all the members of their own party to vote against Sessions.  Every Republican voted for Sessions. 

To sum it all up, after non-stop attacks on Sessions, the Democrats completely failed in their attempt to keep him from becoming Attorney General.  They wasted their time, the senate's time and the country's time.

I know that these senators think that they are pandering to their base and its unhappiness at losing the White House to President Trump and the GOP.  What they still don't seem to understand is that their base is not enough to win elections.  To do that, the Democrats have to win some of the middle of the electorate, in other words, those people who are not strident Democrats or staunch Republicans.  It's that middle that chose Trump over Clinton.  It's that middle that turned against the Democrats as they moved further and further left during the Obama years.  And it's that same middle that sees all the wasted time and emotional energy expended by the Democrats to achieve nothing.  For the last eight years, we all watched as the Democrats governed by photo op and speech.  Appearances were paramount, and the middle of America realized that appearances were not enough to improve their lives.  Such improvement requires actions.  The ineffective sputtering of the Democrats in their fight against Sessions is driving home the point to the middle of America that the Democrats have not learned from their loss.  The middle understands that the Democrats are still focusing on appearances rather than achievements.

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