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Monday, February 6, 2017

Oh Wow, The Ninth Circuit Acts on Trump's Executive Order

About six o'clock tonight, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued an order regarding President Trump's executive order temporarily limiting access to the USA for people from seven countries that have severe problems with terrorism.  The Court had received written submissions from both sides at five PM, and it then ordered that on Tuesday afternoon, it will hold an oral argument to hear further from the parties.  In other words, the order was just a scheduling matter.  The Court wants to ask some questions to both side and give each a chance to clarify its position before the Court makes its final decision.

When this order was issued, I happened to have the TV on.  I decided to see how CNN covered the story.  I switched to that network and heard Wolf Blitzer solemnly announce that the Ninth Circuit had left the lower court's order in place.  Wolf also then asked Gloria Borger if this was a sign of an impending "constitutional crisis".

You really cannot make this stuff up.  The court schedules an oral argument and the Wolfster thinks that might cause a constitutional crisis.  How bizarre!  How moronic!

The most amazing thing is that no one on CNN laughed when Wolf asked the question.  That means that the entire panel did not understand what had just happened.  They had no clue.  They were just going with their talking points no matter what had happened.  My guess is that the story line and talking points had been planned for use after the Ninth Circuit had actually made a decision.  Somehow, the CNN panel did not understand that this scheduling order is NOT a decision.

It's actually even worse than that.  After all, the only thing that the Court is considering is whether or not to let a temporary restraining order stay in place pending the outcome of a decision in the trial court regarding the issuance of a preliminary injunction.  There is no final decision on the executive order.  There is nothing even close to a final decision on the executive order. 

The real truth is that CNN has reached such a low point of stupidity that even if they had James Earl Jones announce everything, it would still be ridiculous.

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